What sets Canada apart from other destinations? Canada offers something for everyone; it is a country as vast and as different as its people who, by the way, are just as friendly as everyone says. A holiday to Canada is all about personal journeys and exploring the country on your own terms. After all, Canada is a land built for explorers. Board a train and journey through the magnificent Canadian Rockies, take a seaplane or helicopter to a remote lodge. Wander, trek, voyage or glide; no matter how you like to explore Canada’s dramatic natural wonders, getting around is half the fun.

Authentic and natural, Canada is a holiday destination for first time visitors and seasoned travellers alike. With original and unique experiences waiting around every corner, there is always a new destination to be discovered and enjoyed. We know Canada Best. While our roots may have been planted 35 years ago in travel to the United States we have expanded our North American holiday options to include the world’s second largest country.


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